On August 4, Vicki Sims annual mammogram caught her stage two Breast Cancer. Vicki was faithful about annual mammograms, due to the history of breast cancer in her family. “I never miss!” exclaimed Vicki. “My lump was five centimeters in size. You wouldn’t think it would grow like that in a year, but it does.”

Vicki underwent chemotherapy, had a lumpectomy, and then received thirty two radiation treatments at Ottumwa Regional’s McCreery Cancer Center. “My treatments were fast. I could be in an out in less than half an hour,” Vicki explained. “I would recommend ORHC for radiation cancer treatment because of the convenience and experience of the staff. There wouldn’t be a reason to go anywhere else,” said Vicki. “The nursing care was excellent.”

Vicki’s motivation during her battle with cancer was her grandson that was on the way, and her husband Mark of forty five years, who didn’t miss a single appointment or a treatment during her fight with breast cancer. “I was not finished here yet. I haven’t accomplished all I’ve wanted to,” Vicki explained. “I hope to encourage people that breast cancer is not the end of the world. There is light at the end of the tunnel,” Vicki shared. “From hearing my story, I hope someone will get a mammogram who otherwise wouldn’t. Early detection is everything.” Vicki is currently cancer free. She takes care of her now six month old grandson, and travels with her husband.

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