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Welcome to Ottumwa Regional Health Center

For more than 125 years, Ottumwa Regional Health Center has been serving the community of Ottumwa and the citizens of Southeast Iowa. We are a regional health center providing a wide range of health services, including:

As well as specialty services such as:


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The 'Dog-tor' is in, prescribing smiles to patients and staff at Ottumwa Regional

OTTUMWA, Iowa — Ottumwa Regional Health Center's newest hire may be their most in-demand staff member. "Dog-tor" Tucker specializes in prescribing smiles and healing hearts. He only works...

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Modern bladder control surgery offers new hope to southeast Iowa residents

A modern-style operation is now offered in southeast Iowa with the goal of helping those who can't control their bladder.

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New bladder incontinence surgery available in Ottumwa

By Randall Gimm   OTTUMWA, Iowa (KYOU) - On May 8th of this year, Ottumwa Regional Health Center started offering a minimally invasive surgery that provides a long-term solution...

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