Wound Center-Dr. Jessica Lewis Makenzie Cason and Sheena Clark
Looking to make an impact this holiday season is what the Wound Care Center set out to do. “In year’s past we did a Secret Santa exchange among ourselves and this year we really wanted to make a difference in our community,” says Jessica Kanaskie, Director of the Wound Care Center. Jessica’s husband works for the local school district and he put her in touch with a community leader who gave her a list of the wants and needs of four school-aged children.

It was a simple list really. Basic needs, like socks, shoes, pants, underwear, and coats – things that we all take for granted. And a very short wish list; puzzles, blankets, books, and toys. There was no hesitation by the Wound Center Team; they immediately went into action! Not only did they fulfill the basic needs list from the children, they went out of their way to purchase Barbie’s, dump trucks, books, and games to ensure these four children will have a Merry Christmas. Thank you Wound Center Team

Pictured are Dr. Jessica Lewis, McKenzie Cason and Sheena Clark.