“My son’s speech is now clear and perfectly understandable.” — Cody Heckart

orh1162_img-bHenry Heckart is your typical 4 year old boy – boisterous, curious and confident. It’s hard to believe he ever struggled with speaking, but his parents Desiree and Cody Heckart were concerned. “We worried about the clarity of his speech. It was difficult to understand him and he would become frustrated and shy,” said Desiree. “Our doctor at the time wasn’t concerned; felt Henry would catch up, but we were worried. We eventually switched his care to another physician and he recommended an evaluation.” The Heckarts then sat down with the speech therapy team at Ottumwa Regional Rehabilitation Center and together developed a plan for Henry.

Fast forward one year and you see a totally different little boy. “He’s so outgoing and much more confident now,” said Cody. “His speech is clear and perfectly understandable; this has made a huge difference in his development.”

Henry worked regularly with Kim Swarts, Speech Pathologist and after a few sessions Desiree said her son “just took off” and progressed rapidly. “There are other programs in the area, but I think this one is the best!

I have recommended this program to other parents. It’s made such a huge difference for Henry.”

At his final session, therapists presented Henry with a special certificate of completion. As his mother shed tears of happiness, Henry asked “Why are you crying, mommy?”

“Because I’m so happy!” said Desiree. Henry just smiled and went back to playing with his brother.