Sports Physicals Clinic

Free for students entering grades 7-12 at any area school or enrolled at IHCC


(Ottumwa, IA) – Taking part in physical activities like school sports is important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But injuries can happen. Having a pre-participation physical to be sure you are healthy is a good first step to having a safe school sports experience. That’s why Ottumwa Health Group offered free school sports physicals again this year.

 Last week the Eddyville Clinic provided 41 physicals over two different days. On Sunday, more than 80 area student athletes, including 53 Indian Hills student athletes, were seen at Primary Care in Ottumwa. On Tuesday, August 8 another clinic offering free sports physicals will be held at Cardinal from 3:30 to 6:30 pm. All area students entering grades 7-12 or enrolled at IHCC are invited to walk in for their free sports physical. Students bring an Iowa Athletic Pre-participation form with the front side completed. Forms can be found online at under the ‘Information’ then ‘Sports Medicine.’

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offer the following key injury prevention tips:

Gear up. When children are active in sports and recreation, make sure they use the right protective gear for their activity, such as helmets, wrist guards, knee or elbow pads.

Use the right stuff. Be sure that sports protective equipment is in good condition, fits appropriately and is worn correctly all the time—for example, avoid missing or broken buckles or compressed or worn padding. Poorly fitting equipment may be uncomfortable and may not offer the best protection.

Get an action plan in place. Be sure your child’s sports program or school has an action plan that includes information on how to teach athletes ways to lower their chances of getting a concussion and other injuries. Get more concussion safety tips.

Pay attention to temperature. Allow time for child athletes to gradually adjust to hot or humid environments to prevent heat-related injuries or illness. Parents and coaches should pay close attention to make sure that players are hydrated and appropriately dressed.

Be a good model. Communicate positive safety messages and serve as a model of safe behavior, including wearing a helmet and following the rules.

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