• Patients who are in the hospital and are already on dialysis (hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis) are able to continue their treatment while in the hospital.
  • Patients needing emergent and/or short-term dialysis are treated.
  • Patients newly starting dialysis who will continue on with dialysis in an outpatient setting are treated at ORHC.
  • A Nephrology consult is provided and the nephrologist supervises all inpatient dialysis care.
  • A trained surgeon is present to place a temporary or permanent hemodialysis catheter; for a permanent fistula a referral to another facility is done at a later date.
  • All of the dialysis treatments are given by a specially trained nurse. These nurses work at a chronic unit in Ottumwa.
  • The nurses are contracted by the hospital to provide dialysis care for inpatients.
  • The dialysis service has a trained dialysis nurse educator.
  • Dietician services are provided by a registered dietician to all inpatient dialysis patients.
  • A Social Worker will assist with referral to a chronic dialysis unit as needed.

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Meet Our Inpatient Dialysis Providers:

Jashim Ahmed
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