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Ottumwa Regional Health Center’s Hospitalist Program

Our mission is to partner with your Primary Care Provider to provide you and your family the highest level of care during your stay. Our Hospitalists play an important role in helping us achieve that goal.

How does the Hospitalist team with your Primary Care Provider?

The Hospitalist and your Primary Care Provider will work together during your hospital stay. For example, after providing the hospitalist with a medical history, your Primary Care Provider will receive admission information, including diagnosis and treatment plan.

Will the primary care provider be kept up to date about the progress of your patient during their hospital stay?

Yes. The Hospitalist will keep your Primary Care Provider informed and up to date about your progress, including any significant changes in your condition. When it’s time for you to leave the hospital, the Hospitalist will ensure continuity of care by contacting your Primary Care Provider with all the necessary information, such as prescriptions, appointments and follow up care.