“At ORHC we recognize that everyone has a choice. So, what sets us apart from others in our area?

  • We provide rehabilitation services in nearly all levels of the continuum of care (Inpatient Acute Care, Outpatient Care and Home Health Care).  This includes the Acute Rehab Unit at ORHC, which is the only inpatient rehabilitation facility within a 75 mile radius of Ottumwa.
  • We care for the patient and family through an interdisciplinary approach.  Some of the caregivers include: RN’s, PT’s, OT’s, ST’s, RT’s, Case Managers, dietitian, etc.                            

Your Determination

You, the most important member of the healthcare team, makes the biggest difference in achieving your goals. We can’t wait for the opportunity to support you in getting there.  We know you are determined to return to your previous function. It would be an honor to assist you and your loved ones with functional recovery. Thank you for choosing ORHC.


We provide all therapy disciplines (PT, OT and ST) in all our programs for all ages for many different diagnoses.  You might say we are “generalists” with some specialized certifications in lymphedema treatment, vital stim, FCE’s, etc….to name a few.

Sports medicine, augmentative communication, pediatrics, vestibular rehabilitation, hand therapy, speech/language, swallowing/dysphagia, and industrial rehab are a few of our specialized services.