Joint camp

Ottumwa Regional Health Center is pleased to announce the launch of a new program to Southeast Iowa. ORHC Joint Camp is a program exclusively designed for patients who are preparing for, undergoing and recovering from hip or knee replacement surgery.

This program educates patients and family members about joint replacement surgery and how to help patients make a full recovery. By attending Joint Camp, patients proactively prepare not only for surgery, but for the return home and how to gradually resume normal activities.

Family members are strongly encouraged to participate as a coach for the patient, helping them in the transition to home. Patients and their coaches will attend a pre-surgery class so everyone knows what to expect throughout the process of surgery and after surgery. This education gives the patient the opportunity to have an active role in their surgery recovery and rehabilitation.

“Patients who transition through Joint Camp have less anxiety about their surgery,” notes Dr. Brad Scott, Orthopedic Surgeon. “They use less pain medication and go home sooner. Their rehab goes more smoothly and they have fewer infections and other complications.”
Dr. Donald Berg, Orthopedic Surgeon agreed, “Patients who participate in Joint Camps are prepared in advance and enjoy overall faster, more successful recoveries following joint replacement surgery.”

For more information, contact Ottumwa Orthopedics 641-684-2684 or Berg Orthopedics at 641-682-5443.