Shampoo Girls - Victoria Brownsworth 092615
Apparently, the old adage, “it’s the little things that matter most” is really true. Especially if you are hospitalized. Victoria Brownsworth, RN seems to know this very well and many other “little things” too.

Notices and takes action – like going out and buying several different shampoos and conditioners for all of the patients in the ICU/Telemetry Unit at ORHC. “Patients really enjoy selecting which shampoo they’d like us to use to wash their hair. I think they not only enjoy the scents, but also being able make their own choices, even small ones. It gives them a sense of control over their environment while they are here, which is very important.”

Victoria isn’t the only one who seems to be in tune with her patients; she and her peers have been observed taking a patient out for a sunny walk in the memory garden, getting another patient a piece of pie on their birthday, rubbing a patient’s back to help them sleep, singing to a patient on their birthday.

Victoria shrugs any recognition off by saying, “Being nice is just as important as the medicine.”