Tom Kostas
Sometimes we experience situations where the simplest tasks can seem impossible. No more so than folks who have suffered debilitating strokes or similar injuries that can severely impair their ability to manage on their own. In Ottumwa Regional Health Center’s Acute Rehab Unit (ARU), patients go through intensive therapy to recover strength and coordination. Recently the ARU staff introduced a new therapy to their patients they like to call the ARe U Ready “Grocery Store”. This is a simulated grocery store that allows patients to “practice” shopping; an everyday function they will need to perform when they return home.
Each patient practices shopping by weighing items, planning meals, budgeting, making grocery lists and managing their money. It’s a group activity that allows for lots of discussion and socialization – also a very important part of rehabilitation. “This project has given our patients a vehicle to talk about issues and challenges in returning home. It has been a way to inspire each other to return to independence,” said Phyllis Buch, the store’s lead therapist.
Patients enjoy mastering everyday activities as they check out their groceries, then unload and shelve their items into the cupboard and refrigerator. Just like home – almost there.
This week is National Rehab Week. “Miracles of Tomorrow Start with Rehab Today”
Pictured is Tom Kostas with Phyllis Buch, Occupational Therapist.