Few things are worse than chronic pain. Arthritis, migraines, back pain — the list goes on. Chronic pain can be debilitating, and can shut down a normal life. But there’s good news! Our new Pain Management Center offers the most technologically advanced treatment available. With a wide range of safe and effective treatment options, and a comprehensive and individualized approach to each patient’s needs, we’re ready to help. But more than that, every treatment comes with a large dose of encouragement from our family of healthcare professionals, who care about one thing – helping your pain go away.

The management of your pain following surgery is a big concern for us. It is very important for you to let us know when you are having pain so that we can help you in the most effective manner. Pain is very subjective. Let your nurse know when you are having pain and if the pain medication given to you has controlled your pain. We want to work together as a team to make your recovery period a successful one.