Behavioral Health Unit

The ORHC Behavioral Health Unit is a 14 bed unit which offers a full range of highly specialized mental health services to meet the needs of adults 18 and older and their families.  Individuals who could benefit from these services include those who:

• Require 24 hour professional observation

• Have severe depression and lack coping skills

• Exhibit behavior that interferes with the ability to function and care for oneself

• Pose a risk to themselves or others


Clinical Services

• Assessment and diagnosis

• Stabilization of acute psychiatric conditions

• Pharmacotherapy

• Counseling/education/support for the patient and family

• Activity and recreation therapy

• Discharge planning


Care Team 

• Psychiatrist

• Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

• Nurses

• Pharmacists

• Social Workers

• Therapists

Phone 641-684-3400


Meet The Behavioral Health Unit Providers:

Desiré Christensen, MD, MS

Cyndi Jo McCormic, DO, MS

Medical Director, BHU

Lisa Cox, PHMNP