Ottumwa Regional Pulmonary Rehab Program

In recognizing the debilitating effects of chronic obstructive lung disease such as asthma, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, pulmonary fibrosis, and others, the Pulmonary Rehabilitation team has one goal in mind; to assist patients improve the quality of their lives through improved breathing.

Under the supervision of the program’s Medical Director, a prescribed course is offered to restore and maintain the patient’s highest level of functioning through monitored activity.

For More Information

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Benefits of Rehabilitation

The fear of shortness of breath often limits the patient in daily activities. Our Pulmonary Rehab Program can assist in the following:

• Reduce hospitalizations and use of medical resources.

• Reduce respiratory symptoms.

• Improve exercise tolerance and performance.

• Assist in ability to perform daily activities.

• Increase knowledge of lung disease, medications and treatment.

• Improve your quality of life.

Exercise Sessions

A personalized exercise program is prescribed to improve lung efficiency, physical endurance, and muscle strength. These sessions are provided in an encouraging environment that motivates the patient to make a lifetime commitment to regular exercise.

Individual Treatment Plan

The exercise program is just one part of an overall treatment plan designed specifically for the participant by the program’s multi-discipline team. The patient’s treatment plan always takes into account his or her age, medical history, exercise tolerance, and other factors.

Stress Management and Breathing Techniques

Through stress management, relaxation skills, and breathing techniques that help control shortness of breath, participants learn to better manage and control their condition.

Education and Nutrition

All participants receive training and education in nutrition and dietary modification, exercise principles, and pulmonary disease risk factors and intervention.

The Pulmonary Rehab Program


Outpatient rehabilitation provides a regimen to assist in the healing process. Persons diagnosed with chronic lung disease and referred to the program by their physician, work with Ottumwa Regional’s pulmonary team two days a week, for six weeks, with education sessions for patient and family.

Specialized relaxation, postural drainage, and breathing exercises are designed to improve cardiovascular conditioning and pulmonary function.

Strength training of the respiratory muscles and education are combined to reduce shortness of breath and improve the patient’s ability to perform daily living activities.

Improved conditioning prior to surgery also helps to improve the patient’s ability to recover after surgery.