Imaging Services

Imaging Services at Ottumwa Regional Health Center focus on safe and accurate diagnostic results. We pride ourselves on a consistent level of superior quality and have achieved national accreditation in Mammography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Computed Tomography, and Nuclear Medicine as a result of our continuous dedication and high standard of care.

The following Radiology Services are available at Ottumwa Regional Health Center:

3D Mammography and Digital Mammography

Low-Dose Lung CT Screening

Diagnostic X-Ray services

  • Three diagnostic suites
  • Two portable units
  • 24-hr service

Fluoroscopy services

MRI Scan

CT services (128 slice, minimal dose)

  • 3D rendering and vascular runoff
  • CT guided biopsies
  • 24-hr service

Bone Densitometry Scan

  • Identify decreases in bone density before a break actually happens
  • Determine risk of broken bones (fractures)
  • Confirm a diagnosis of osteoporosis
  • Monitor osteoporosis treatment

Comprehensive Ultrasound services

  • Vascular unit with ABI and TBI
  • Paracentesis/Thoracentesis
  • 24-hr service

Nuclear Medicine