Ottumwa Regional Cardiac Rehabilitation improves the quality of life for individuals with heart disease under the supervision of the program’s Medical Director, a prescribed course is offered to restore and maintain the patient’s highest level of functioning through monitored activity.

Our Cardiac Rehabilitation is comprised with a team of professionals dedicated to your progress and good health, including a Physician, Cardiac Rehab Nurse, Exercise Specialist. Dietitian, and Social Worker.

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Team meets with the Medical Director on a regular basis to discuss the patient’s care and progress and to reassess the patient’s treatment plan.

  • Exercise Sessions: aimed to improve muscle strength, endurance, and flexibility. During these sessions, cardiac activity is electrically monitored by specifically trained staff.
  • Individual Treatment Plan:  designed specifically for each individual and takes into account his or her age, medical history, exercise tolerance and other factors.
  • Education, Nutrition and Stress Management: receive training and education in stress management, nutrition and dietary modification, exercise principles, and cardiac disease risk factors and intervention.

Cardiac Rehab Program:

  • Inpatient (During Hospitalization):  This program starts the rehabilitative process during hospitalization for angina or heart attack. The cardiac rehab staff provides monitored activities, patient and family education, and exercise testing to prepare patients for discharge or transfer to tertiary care.
  • Outpatient  (After Leaving the Hospital): Outpatient rehabilitation continues the healing process upon discharge from the hospital. Cardiac Rehab staff provides the patient monitored exercise three days a week, with education sessions for patient and family
  • Maintenance (Continued Support): Maintenance sessions, up to three times a week, provide exercise in a group setting. Many Cardiac Rehab graduates continue in this program with some attending more than seven years.
  • Supervised Exercise Training (SET) Program: The SET program provides a therapeutic exercise program to help manage the symptoms of peripheral artery disease. After receiving an order from your provider, a one-on-one initial visit will be scheduled to determine how we can best help you meet your activity and health goals. Group exercise and education sessions will be about 1 hour two to three days per week, up to 12 weeks. The SET team members will monitor your heart rate, blood pressure and heart rhythm prior to, during and after exercise. Click here to read more.

Jim & Mable Headley’s Story – Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation

Jim and Mable Headley have had care at Ottumwa Regional Health Center a number of times over the past few years, beginning with a surgery in 2012.

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