Ottumwa Regional Health Center recently achieved a national Value Based Purchasing Score (VBP) of 1.0033, exceeding the minimum score that links provider payments to improved performance.  Medicare uses the VBP scoring process to determine performance of healthcare organizations in providing quality care and reducing inappropriate care.  There are four different standards that are used to reflect a hospitals quality of care:

  1. Clinical Process of Care
  2. Patient Experience of Care
  3. Outcome
  4. Efficiency

These scores are important as they are a reflection of the great care we are providing our patients.  Today we are reimbursed for services on a “fee for value” methodology, so hospitals can lose portions of their reimbursement if their results are not supported by high quality outcomes.

We are very proud to share this score and celebrate the high quality of care we provide our community and our service area.  Thank you to all of our employees and providers who work hard every day to make this possible.

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