Ottumwa Regional Goes Above and Beyond –Donald Covert

Donald Covert is a lucky man and he’ll tell you it’s all due to some special people he met along the way. In August of last year Donald had a heart attack that started him on an odyssey he’ll never forget. After a triple-bypass at another hospital, doctors identified numerous additional blockages in his neck, abdomen and legs requiring many more surgeries. The final surgery involved closing a very large, non-healing wound in his abdomen. It became terribly infected and he grew weaker and weaker with each passing day. “I was at the lowest part of my life,” shared Donald.

Luckily, the surgeon referred Donald covertto the Ottumwa Regional Wound Healing program where Dr. Jessica Lewis and the Wound Team went to work. Donald received regular wound treatments with advanced products and healed quickly while watched closely by his loving wife Barb. “If truth be told, they saved me,” he said. “They brought me back from a very bad time.”

Today, Donald and Barb are finding things to smile about again. “We’ve seen a lot of doctors in a lot of other towns; we can honestly say we’ve never found anything better anywhere than Ottumwa Regional Wound Care,” said Donald. “They go above and beyond what you’d expect from people.”

He still receives regular treatments but now has returned to most of his regular activities including his favorite hobby, restoring vintage cars. As a member of the Ottumwa Vintage Cruisers of Southeast Iowa, he’s been restoring vehicles since 1991 and currently has a restored ’54 Ford pick-up and a ’66 T-Bird.

“After all I’ve been through I can’t express enough thanks for the emotional support I received from my wife and from the Wound Care team. They are the best!”