Randy Anderson
This past January 23, on North Court Street, Randy Anderson (center) dropped dead—literally, suffering a massive heart attack. The 58-year-old avid runner was on a 3-mile run when a woman driving by saw him collapse. She stopped to help. So did a retired police officer, who called 911. By this time, Randy’s face and hands were turning blue, then purple. Another woman, who just happened to be a CPR instructor, arrived and started compressions on Randy’s chest until the ORHC paramedics team rushed him to Ottumwa Regional Health Center.

The hospital’s Cardiac Catheterization Lab team went to work. Two of Randy’s cardiac arteries were 100 percent blocked and another was 85 percent obstructed. They performed an angioplasty, using a catheter to insert and then inflate a small balloon to open the blocked arteries—and saved Randy’s life.

Today, thanks to the Cardiac Rehab program at Ottumwa Regional Health Center, Randy is making a full recovery from his heart attack. “The people there are wonderful,” Randy says. “They wouldn’t let me do much at first because the CPR had broken some of my ribs. But I’m making great progress now. My goal is to run a 5K or 10K race by late summer. I can’t say enough good things about all the people who saved my life!”