Girl Scouts
March 8-14, 2015 marks National Girl Scout Week and includes March 12, the 103rd birthday of Girl Scouts.

In recognition of Girl Scout week and the national birthday of Girl Scouts, Ottumwa Girl Scout Troop 926 has decided to present a gift basket to the first baby girl born at Ottumwa Regional Health Center on or after March 12, 2015. Senior girl scouts Thursby Barwick, Kalina Eskew and Alexandra Reeves have also been working on their “Mission: Sisterhood!” Girl Scout Journey and felt this endeavor would also work well as a summative take action project for that journey. In the Sisterhood Journey girls learn of the power of sisterhood amongst girls & women, learn to connect with other girls & women and learn to increase their feelings of being powerful, capable, and strong as they enhance their skills and develop new ones. Each of the senior girls have been Girl Scouts for over 10 years. They mentor and serve in active leadership roles of younger Girl Scouts each month as well as group overnights, events and other occasions. The gift basket includes a handmade item from each Girl Scout as well as multiple other gift items but also includes personal handwritten messages and notes of encouragement for each year until the baby girl’s 5th birthday, cumulating with an invitation to join Girl Scouts at age 5. Through the donation of the basket they are able to celebrate the circle of sisterhood and as the Girl Scout Law says, “Be a sister to every Girl Scout.”