Kynsington Deutsch

The chances of being born on a Leap Day are about 1 in 1,461. “Leaplings’ as they are called, are rare because February 29th only rolls around once every 4 years.

Southeast Iowa’s newest ‘Leapling’ is named Kynsington Deutsch. Born Monday morning at Ottumwa Regional Health Center, Kynsington has her family ‘leaping’ for joy.

Stacia and Justin Deutsch welcomed little Kynsington to the world at 11:09am. And soon after, one really important decision had to be made, one that will affect Kynsington’s life every year.

In non-leap years, when will she celebrate her birthday? “My mom read that if the baby was born before noon on leap day, you celebrate on February 28th, and if the baby is born after noon, you celebrate on March 1st. Since Kynsington was born at 11:09 am, we will be celebrating her birthday on February 28th during non-leap years.” Stacia said.

Justin was excited that his first child was a leap day baby. “Anybody can have a New Year’s Baby; that happens once a year. It is special to have a Leap Day baby because that only happens once every four years!”
“She wasn’t due until March 5th so this was a really nice surprise,” Stacia added.

Little Kynsington joins an exclusive club. Of the more than 7 billion people in the world, only 4 million have been born on a leap day.
Ottumwa Regional presented the family with a cute green stuffed frog to commemorate the special day.

Justin, Stacia and Kynsington Deutsch are residents of Fairfield, Iowa