Angie Widger almost died of a stroke this past January. “I was going to work at the North Hy-Vee on a Sunday night,” remembers Angie, who lives in Eldon. “I started gasping for breath walking to the building. Diane Jordan was my lifesaver. She called my husband and 911. I learned later that I had no vital signs and needed to go on life support.”

Totally paralyzed on her right side, Angie began three weeks of inpatient therapy at the Acute Rehab Unit (ARU) at Ottumwa Regional Health Center. “When I first arrived, I was limp as a dish
rag,” Angie says. “I thought I had signed my life away coming to the ARU and wanted to leave. A nurse named Cassie, as well as my family, really helped me to stay motivated and stick with the
program. I became absolutely determined to make a complete recovery, walk without any assistance and get back to full-time work.”

In late January, Angie started twice-a-week outpatient therapy with Ottumwa Regional Health Center. She recently completed 60 sessions, never missing an appointment. “The care from all of
the staff was great,” says Angie. “Jessica Johnson, an Occupational Therapist, kept encouraging me to meet my goals. Today I’m driving again and even starting our push lawn mower and cutting the grass. When you consider how close I was to death 10 months ago, it’s just amazing the progress I’ve made!”