Sue with certificate
It took 80 hours for Sue Randolph to “graduate” from her recent Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. And for Sue, it was worth every minute. “I’m a diabetic, which causes poor blood circulation, especially in the feet,” Sue explains. “This past January, I had to have my left big toe amputated, but the area wasn’t healing.” Fortunately, Sue found the help she needed at Ottumwa Regional Health Center’s Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Center. For eight weeks, Sue spent two hours a day five days a week breathing pure oxygen in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, where the air (remove) pressure is increased to two times higher than normal. The increased pressure pushes more oxygen into the blood stream, thereby allowing more oxygen to be delivered to the skin and wounds. Inside the clear acrylic chamber, Sue was able to watch TV and even take naps during her two-hour sessions. “If you have a wound that has not healed after 30 days, you need to come see us,” says program director Dr. Jessica Lewis. “And if you’re a diabetic with a wound, you need to see us immediately.” Today Sue is back enjoying her busy life, taking care of her mother, her four cats and working as a certified nursing assistant. “My foot is completely healed,” Sue says. “And I owe it all to Ottumwa Regional Health Center!”