For the birth of Sawyer, her second son, Denise Bearden (right) chose to have a gentle caesarean (C-section), a new delivery option* now available at Ottumwa Regional Health Center. “My first son, Easton, was born in Missouri,” Denise explains. “Because his delivery required a traditional C-section, I was only able to hold him for a few minutes during the first hour or two. With
Sawyer, it was the exact opposite. He was with me the whole time.” A gentle caesarean allows the mother and child to bond immediately after the delivery. It helps stabilize temperature, heart
rate and breathing, and makes breastfeeding possible during the first hour, when babies are active and alert. Dr. Lindsy Alons (left), Denise’s obstetrician, recommended the gentle caesarean. “Dr. Alons is just wonderful,” Denise says. “Compared to my first delivery, the gentle caesarean is 100 percent different and so much better! It feels so much more like a natural
birth. My husband and I hope to have another child. If we do, it will definitely be at Ottumwa Regional Health Center!”

*As with any surgery, sometimes there can be complications. The Gentle C-Section option in your birth plan will be recommended by your obstetrician and evaluated again at the time of delivery.