Taken from the Indoors Column, Ottumwa Post, Dan Canny, Publisher

My wife is incredible. Sometimes I forget that. Then, she goes and does something thoughtful, like pushing a giant baby from her womb and I realize how lost I would be without her.

After 12 hours of the most entertaining labor I can recall, Autumn gave birth to our beautiful new daughter, Cady Love Canny, Friday night. Autumn and baby are both totally healthy but a little wiped out.

Just half an hour after birth, Cady started nursing. I haven’t seen Cady or her mother since. For the next year and a half, my main responsibility will be to keep the other four children alive while Autumn feeds the baby.

I won’t go into too much detail regarding delivery. I have made that mistake before. But, I will tell you this – we love the labor and delivery team at ORHC.

I feel like it has become popular in recent years to bash our local hospital. We even have friends who have driven to other towns to have babies. I will never second guess other parents’ decisions as I know we are all just trying to do what is best for our families. But, for anyone still trying to decide where to have their baby, I can offer a fairly experienced recommendation for ORHC.

We have delivered all five children here and have always been very well cared for. We have always told people that the nurses were the key. They are the ones who spend the most time with the moms and Ottumwa happens to have a ton of very experienced nurses. Even the new nurses are excellent, likely because they have the benefit of learning from the long-timers.

We have always loved the doctors as well, but there has been more time to bond with the nurses. This time around, though, we also made a special bond with our doctor. This was our experience with Dr. Elizabeth Tigges. Aside from being a good doctor, this lady is hilarious. She popped in several times to check Autumn’s progress and each time our interactions seemed more like an SNL skit than a medical consultation.

To some, a doctor’s sense of humor may seem completely irrelevant to the delivery process but I would argue otherwise. Autumn was more upbeat and optimistic during labor than I have ever seen her before. We laughed and joked through contractions that might have caused her to strike me violently during past deliveries.

Speaking of past deliveries, it has been a lot of fun watching the other four children interact with their new sister. They all seem enormous now. They are all very sweet and tender with Cady – even Clane! We really worried about how our 2 year-old dictator would handle the new arrival. So far, so good. It appears he is not viewing her as a threat to his throne, rather, he sees her as yet another subject to rule over. That may not sound sweet to you but we understand that his “love language” is oppression.