“Ottumwa Regional Physical Rehabilitation Services has me back doing the things I love to do.” — Kathy Lasser

Sometimes your life can change in an instant and you find yourself on an entirely new path. Kathy Lasser was hard at work on a project when her life suddenly took a different turn. “I was painting that day; going up and down a short ladder. Something I do all the time.” Kathy recalled.

“My husband had just left to visit a friend.” The ladder tipped and Kathy fell. “It hurt pretty badly, but I thought at the time I’d just dislocated my shoulder.” The news was much worse than that. Kathy had shattered her shoulder socket and broken her upper arm.

Dr. Brad Scott, an orthopedic surgeon at Ottuorh1163_imgmwa Regional Health Center, told Kathy she’d need to have her shoulder replaced with an implant. Two days later, Kathy had surgery and it

went well. Then came the hard part. “I was told I’d need major physical rehabilitation” Kathy said. She was referred to Ottumwa Regional Physical Rehabilitation Services. “It was the best thing that could have happened for me”, Kathy said. Since starting therapy at Ottumwa Regional she has begun getting back to doing the things she loves to do such as cooking, gardening and helping her husband work on their ’30 Willy’s pick-up truck.

“Jessica Johnson, an occupation therapist at Ottumwa Regional, has worked wonders!” said Kathy. “Before coming here I had very little mobility. Now I can move my wrist and fingers; I just keep progressing and now get more wrist movement as well. All of this progress happened in a pretty short time span. I would highly recommend Ottumwa Regional Rehabilitation Services to anyone who needs physical therapy!”