Dr. Garner with the Danley Family

“Four boys, four C-sections equals one hospital.” — Tiffany Danley

Tiffany Danley will tell you she was very nervous with her first pregnancy. After experiencing pain, she decided she needed an expert and made an appointment with the board certified specialists of Ottumwa Obstetrics and Gynecology. She’s gone back for all of her pregnancies ever since. “All of my babies were large so they felt we needed closer monitoring to avoid complications,” said Tiffany. “They listen to me and are very proactive in treatments. With my latest pregnancy I was very emotional. My doctor ordered a non-stress test that reassured me everything was fine.” Tiffany and her husband Mark (seated, right) have four boys, Merrik (10), Myron (8), Marshall (2) and most recently, baby Maxen.

Due to the size of the babies, Tiffany has had all of them through C-Section. The last two experiences were with a “soft” C-Section where the baby is given to the mother immediately upon delivery. “This is so much better than having to wait to see my baby until after recovery! Dr. Eric Garner (seated, left) has delivered my last two and he’s so reassuring and supportive!” she said.

“And the nurses and staff of Ottumwa Regional Health Center are the best! They are extremely attentive and have many years of experience. They offer education and support every time even though I’m an experienced mom,” said Tiffany. “I feel welcomed and safe knowing they will take great care of me. They truly care.”