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Community Care Auxiliary Gives Grant to Teen Health Center

The Community Care Auxiliary gave a $60,000 grant to American Home Finding Association for the Teen Health Center at Ottumwa High School.

It’s been more than 25 years since the American Home Finding Association started the Teen Health Center, and during that time the clinic has expanded its services. The center provides acute care for students with colds, flu, injuries, limited dental and eye care, food services, and hygiene assistance.

The Teen Health Center is welcomed by students who have no insurance or who have a high copay. The center sees more than 1500 students over a six month period. This program reduces barriers of accessing healthcare, and also helps students stay in school instead of leaving for the day due to appointments.

The Community Care Auxiliary is the Teen Health Center’s major source of income. The Auxiliary continues to make great strides in promoting quality healthcare for all students.

Mayor Lazio said, “This is a great investment for our children and our future.”



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