Chriss-Allen-1024x935“I did not want to come here…”

Chriss Allen will tell you she is a woman of strong opinions and it’s hard to change her mind. So when her neighbors and granddaughter Katie insisted she needed immediate medical care she made her opinion clear. “I’d had a negative experience some years ago with family and was not a bit impressed to be headed this way. I was pretty much dragged to the ER!” Chriss was a kidney transplant recipient and is on anti-rejection medications.

Once she arrived at ORHC, all of her fears were laid to rest. Dr. Fredrickson set the tone for her entire stay with kindness and compassion for her situation. She was admitted to the medical nursing floor where the wonderful care continued with the medical team. “I could not have asked for better care,” Chriss shared. Thank you to Hospitalists Drs. Oben and Stephenson; Nurses Trish Myers, Julie Huff and Meliah Thompson, CNA Jamie Smith, the Lab staff, and Brian Bennett, who stayed by her side during admission, as well as many others involved in her care. “I have a big mouth, and believe me, I will be telling everyone about my stay and how great it was. I will definitely come back to ORHC for my healthcare needs.” Chriss sends special thanks to Dr. Ortell and Dr. Younadam